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This ais a nice and friendly place

Great place with nice people and I think all the patients enjoy going there.

This is a very modern orthodontics place...It have great staff and great treatment for your teeth

We have always known that Bella would at some point need some orthodontic treatment, there was always a small part of me that hoped it wouldn't be necessary but Bella herself had started asking when she would get a better smile!

As soon as I walked into the Simply Orthodontics office I knew that Bella would feel right at home! Today was our first consultation and as expected Bella felt comfortable to sit, chat and ask questions about how treatment will affect her. Her biggest concern being whether braces will affect her singing - both Min and Dr Shung reassured Bella that not only will it not affect it, it might actually make her singing better!

A consultation with a small toddler is never easy, but Min and the staff made me feel at ease, providing my over tired toddler with lots of lovely toys and never seemed to mind as he ran off around the place!

All in all we have come home feeling sad that Bella does need treatment, but that we were well advised, looked after and not rushed into any decisions. Bella is already planning what she can eat, what will be treats and hasn't yet stopped saying how much she loves that office!